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The Genesis Charitable Trust

The Trust was established in 2012 and is funded by contributions from Genesis.
Charity Commission No. 1148643.

Grant Portfolio

  • Mann Deshi Foundation

    Training & equipping new 'goat doctors' to improve the financial security of subsistence goat herders in rural Maharashtra. 
  • Green Enterprises Indonesia

    Co-funding a pilot to examine the potential of the coconut supply chain to improve earning opportunities for smallholders in Simeulue, Aceh, and promote ecologically sound practices by investing in coconut replanting, decentralised virgin coconut oil processing, timber and bio-energy ventures.
  • SE Factory

    Working capital for a coding school in Lebanon, providing marketable tech skills to long-term unemployed/underemployed youth and, through expanded blended training, refugees and other marginalised groups.
  • Fairtrade with Solidaridad & the Dragonfly Initiative – Tanzania

    Working capital for responsible small-scale gold mining in the Geita region, aiming to improve the health, safety and environmental standards and earnings of 2,000 miners in 10 locally-owned mines as part of the Lake Victoria Gold Program.  
  • Y Care International

    Co-funding support for 440 unemployed young people in Senegal to train, set up agriculture co-operatives and gain land tenure.  
  • Help Self Help Centre

    Investment in a non-timber forestry enterprise, producing tree oil for industry and fertilizer and seed cake for agriculture in drought-prone areas near Mount Kenya.  
  • Pragya India

    A grant to provide agri-tech and market linkage opportunities to 2,000 low-income and remote smallholders, focusing on the medicinal plant and fruit supply chain in Himalayan regions.
  • iDE Vietnam

    A grant to catalyse the market for low-cost electric drip irrigation in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.
  • The Early Care Foundation (formerly, ASHA)

    Initial funding towards improving childcare provision in Franschhoek, South Africa by offering women business operations training and formal early years qualifications.

    A small grant in Tamil Nadu to increase the market value of perishable crops by providing training on techniques for extending shelf life.  
  • Railway Children

    A grant to expand opportunities for vocational training, apprenticeships and enterprise support for young people who have lived or worked on the streets in Kitale, Kenya & Mwanza, Tanzania.
  • Anh Duong Vietnam

    A small grant to assess the provision of biogas fuel, fertiliser and farming advice to low-income pig-owning households in Long My.
  • Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines

    To support 400 disabled people into salaried work or to set up their own enterprise in Manila, General Santos and Bohol.  
  • The SOMO Project

    The purchase of new shipping-container offices to expand support services for early-stage entrepreneurs in Korogocho slum, Nairobi.
  • Sumba Foundation

    Three scholarships for disadvantaged Sumbanese school-leavers to study at nursing school in Waingapu and Waikabubak, Indonesia.
  • SEEDS Trust India

    A grant to provide workplace training in garment-making to 150 young women in Tamil Nadu rescued from bonded and poor labour conditions in mills.
  • Send a Cow

    Co-funding for an agricultural training and development programme that aims to increase incomes and ensure food security among the poorest households in Wolayita, southern Ethiopia.
  • Raising The Village

    A project in southwestern Uganda to use beehives to protect smallholder crops from forest elephant raids and diversify household incomes through honey sales.
  • Karen Hilltribes Trust

    A small grant to carry out a monitoring and evaluation exercise near the Thai-Burmese border to review the economic effects of smallholder irrigation systems.
  • Tools for Self Reliance

    A grant to enable 60 low-income young people in Ndola, Copperbelt Province to gain skills and a qualification in a chosen trade (carpentry, tailoring, bricklaying & plastering), and to form cooperatives and enterprises equipped with recycled and refurbished tools.
  • NESsT with Inka Moss

    A grant to support 23 subsistence-farming villages on the Andean mountainside to harvest and process in ecologically sustainable ways sphagnum moss, an organic moss demanded by international orchid growers and pet supply companies.
  • Irise

    To enable women and girls to participate fully in the workplace and at school by tackling the inconvenience and taboo of monthly periods. The grant will enable Irise to expand its social enterprise that offers affordable and reusable products and apply innovative social marketing strategies.
  • Dan Eley Foundation with FEDUT

    Grant funding for training and formal qualifications in Accountancy and IT with work placements for around 200 young people from slum communities in Cali, Colombia.
  • British Asian Trust and THAAP

    Commissioning research into the demand for handmade and embellished craft textiles to inform market linkage projects and skills training for artisan and SME producers in Pakistan.
  • Amicus Fund

    A small contribution to a scholarship fund for disadvantaged law students wanting to start or complete courses at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.
  • Action on Podoconiosis Association

    A small grant to resource new cobbler workshops to assist podoconiosis patients in southern Ethiopia.
  • Street Child Africa

    Project funding to provide training, business support and counselling to young people living on the streets in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • Ripple Africa

    Three years’ support for Fish for Tomorrow, a community management programme to regulate net fishing and protect the long-term livelihoods of fishing communities on Lake Malawi.
  • Renewable World

    A grant towards providing clean, renewable energy for household lighting and agricultural enterprise development to off-the-grid households in Latin America.
  • Precious Sisters

    To meet the secondary school fees and provide mentorship to academically gifted girl students from very low income backgrounds in Kenya.
  • New Life Line (previously New Life Mexico)

    Funding towards the upkeep of a water house at Pitillal School providing 1,000 children and teachers with safe drinking water, and the provision of furnishing and equipment for a vocational training school for 650 students.
  • Mumbai Mobile Crèches

    Seed funding for safe and stimulating day care services located on construction sites for the children of migrant construction workers.
  • MAG International

    To mobilise and equip a landmine clearance operation in eastern Sri Lanka, enabling smallholders to resettle and use productive farm land safely.
  • Learning for Life

    Supporting ‘Open Schools’ project with recognised qualifications for children and young people labouring in the leather industry from very low-income backgrounds in Kolkata.
  • Hope and Homes for Children Ukraine

    A five year partnership in Ukraine aimed at preventing the institutionalisation of children in care by building the capacity of community childcare professionals, local authority officers and policymakers to reform the child protection system, benefiting over 4,000 children and families.
  • Grow Movement

    Funding for the management and evaluation of pro-bono business coaching to 14,000 entrepreneurs in Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda.
  • Deki

    A loan fund and business training for 24,100 entrepreneurs in Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and South Sudan.
  • Camfed International

    An award to support 3,500 young women to make a safe transition from school to productive livelihoods and wealth creation in Zambia.
  • Build it International

    A grant to provide training to 455 builders and build premises for 16 schools in remote communities of Zambia.
  • Ace Africa

    A five-year funded programme to train women in sustainable agriculture, family nutrition and business skills.